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L.A. Puopolo Services

DISPOSAL Services.

Established In 2018.

Comprehensive Disposal Services

L.A. Puopolo Services’ provides customers with a full service disposal solution. Whether this is a building gut, garage clean-out, basement reset or spring cleaning, we’re proud to provide a comprehensive solution.


Add-On Services


Serving Massachusetts
With Price Since 2018

Community Driven

We are a community-driven company, dedicated to those around us. We have deep ties within New England and Eastern Massachusetts especially.

Superior Results

L.A. Puopolo Services is driven to provide our clients with the most exceptional results possible. Our pride is your perfection.

Advanced Equipment

Excellent equipment ensures the job is done properly. We're proud to utilize the latest and greatest heavy equipment on our job sites!


Residential Property Disposal.

Proper disposal is essential to the maintenance, modification, demolition, and construction of both residential and commercial properties.

For years, L.A. Puopolo Services has worked closely with various local businesses, providing the highest quality disposal services around.

Featured here is one of our recent residential disposal projects, removing debris from the workplace in order to provide a tidy service that allows for future high quality construction. Everything starts at the foundation!

- Lorenzo Puopolo