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L.A. Puopolo Services

Dumpster Rental Services.

Established In 2018.

Massachusetts Dumpster Rental Services

L.A. Puopolo Services dumpster rental service aims to provide all residential and commercial property owners with the ability to rent a properly priced and sized dumpster. With sizes varying from 4 Yards to 40 Yards, we hope to meet all needs. L.A. Puopolo has years of experience and the latest equipment.

We aim to service customers ranging from Small Stores & Restaurants to Commercial Developments & School Systems

Front Load & Toter Containers

Commercial Dumpsters



Serving Massachusetts
With Price Since 2018

Community Driven

We are a community-driven company, dedicated to those around us. We have deep ties within New England and Eastern Massachusetts especially.

Superior Results

L.A. Puopolo Services is driven to provide our clients with the most exceptional results possible. Our pride is your perfection.

Advanced Equipment

Excellent equipment ensures the job is done properly. We're proud to utilize the latest and greatest heavy equipment on our job sites!


Jobsite Dumpster Rental

Renting Dumpsters & Containers for commercial and residential applications can often be more complicated than not. At L.A. Puopolo, we aim to make this process as simple as possible.

For years, L.A. Puopolo Services has worked closely with various local businesses, providing the highest quality dumpster and container services around.

Featured here is one of our recent dumpster rental clients utilizing their container on a new home site. We love return customers and look forward to working with you in the near future!

- Lorenzo Puopolo